ETX (Enhanced Trunking System)
ETX (Enhanced Trunking System)

ETX (Enhanced Trunking System)

Following ETSI open standards, BelFone ETX DMR Tier III trunking system is designed for mission critical organizations to empower with reliable and secure communications and ensure interoperability across departments and systems.

ETX provides reliable wireless communication and dispatching solution for public safety users. Taking advantages of full digitization and IP soft switch, the ETX system has good scalability to meet various network scale requirements. Designed with full redundancy for all critical modules, ETX delivers high availability and reliability communications in any conditions to mission critical users. Through optimized system planning and designing for both hardware and software architecture, rich secondary development interfaces are available for users, who can customize the system as to their own needs. More applications will be fulfilled via the secondary development of the system.
Topology &Networking
Features & Benefits
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ETX Enhanced Trunking Radio System Topology

Networking Mode

Municipal Emergency Response Network

The district/county level trunking systems, after completion, can be linked up to the municipal network, to achieve connection between the municipal center and districts. And the municipal network is linked up to the provincial network. This three-level interconnection is a highly efficient trunked system that can achieve cross-department& cross-regional cooperation in an emergency response scenario.

BelFone Municipal Emergency Response Network

ETX System Base Station BF-9500

The integrated blade module design of BF-9500 brings more stability, scalability and versatility. BF-9500 can independently handle calls within the site and it also supports multi-level fallback mode. Also with the unit redundancy design, all the main hardware has backup units. This base station comes in two sizes, 4 -carrier 22U and 8-carrier 37U. The cabinet design is strictly based on ETSI EN 300 113/ETSI TS 102 361/ETSI TS 102 362 standards.

· Module Design

· Good Heat Dispersion

· Great Reliability

· Feature-rich

· Flexible Networking

BelFone ETX System Base Station BF-9500

Core Network

Consisting of center control, softswitch, logs, recording, dispatch, network management, GIS, authentication, encryption, etc.

·Center Control

Calling Control,

Mobile Management,

Terminal Data Management

·Recording Service

Voice Storage (Accessible)

·Log Service

Log Storage (Accessible)


Voice Routing Control, TTS

·Recording Service

Dispatch Center,

Dispatch Work

·Network Management

Management Desk Management,

Agency Management.

·GIS Service

Location Storage,

Visualized Dispatch Interface

·Authentication Center

Terminal User Information


·Encryption Service

Generate, allocate, and manage keys. Support both voice and data encryptions.

BF-9500 ETX Trunking Communication System

BF-9500 ETX Trunking Communication System· Dispatch Console

Dispatch, Monitor, Remote Control, Remote Stun, Remote Kill, Dynamic Regrouping, GIS.

Dispatch Console of BelFone DMR Tier 3 Trunking System


User Management, Equipment Management, Alarm Management.

Feature Management, Security Management.

BelFone Network Management System (NMS)

Nationwide Network, Large Capacity in Carrier Grade
Nationwide Network, Large Capacity in Carrier Grade
The system is able to roll out nationwide support for national management like high way patrol, police, fire etc. Its max capacity is more than 50,000 subscribers
Emergency Response Network
Emergency Response Network
The city level trunking systems, after completion, can be linked to the state network to achieve connection across cities. The state network is linked to the nationwide network. This three-level interconnection is a highly efficient trunking system that can achieve cross-department and cross-region cooperation in an emergency response scenario.
Advanced Backup Technology
Advanced Backup Technology
ETX system is designed with a comprehensive backup plan, which includes hardware backup, power supply backup, network backup, data backup. The data can be easily accessed by the user.
Excellent Adaptability
Excellent Adaptability
The system infrastructures are compact and highly integrated. They are easy to transport, deploy and maintain. Our field-proven ETX system can handle all kinds of tough environments and tackle a wide variety of communication scenarios.
Multi-layer Encryptions
Multi-layer Encryptions
With built-in multi-layer encryption technologies such as ARC4, AES256, software-based encryption and hardware-based encryption, ETX system can effectively ward off unwanted signals, and thus greatly increase system security and efficiency.
Network Access Authentication
Network Access Authentication
ETX requires network access authentication for base stations and terminals to keep away illegal users operating at same frequency. Every member within the system possesses a unique information ID.
Multiple Fall-back Modes
Multiple Fall-back Modes
The system core network comes with a backup network, which will automatically and immediately come into play, when the core network is down. It ensures the terminals stay connected in operation mode.
Max BS Capacity
Max Carrier Capacity
Max Carrier Capacity per Site
Dispatch Capacity
50000 / PSTN 1
PSTN/PABX Gateway Capacity
Terminal Capacity per BS
Terminal Capacity per System
ETX (Enhanced Trunking System)
ETX (Enhanced Trunking System)