New situations and ecomomic increasing is coming along with new chanllenges for policing. To equipped with the right public safety technology and ensure efficiency, transparency and trust in the moments that matter, this is what BelFone has promised.

Public safety department is at the frontline to implement the desire of the Government to ensure protection and security of all citizens in both daily operations and emergency situations. Governments across the world are increasingly turning to technology to help meet their security and communication needs in view of various threats such as natural disasters, terrorism etc. The deployment of networked and interconnected communications has become a strategic asset on which public safety users can coordinate emergency response, improve collaboration, and enhance the ability to communicate between agencies with citizens. So that the users can monitor, prevent, detect and respond to crime, emergencies and natural disasters instantly.

As the essential and most important means of communication for public safety departments, radio communication provides secure and reliable communication guarantee for users in their daily work and critical tasks. However, at the same time, traditional analog products are facing more and more demands and challenges and cannot meet the increasingly complex communication needs.

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