Enhanced Conventional Portable Radio


BF-TD511 offers the advantages of superior audio quality, outstanding coverage and long-lasting battery life. This IP68 rated DMR radio works with extreme durability. The virtual trunking technology greatly increases spectrum efficiency without any extra costs. It works with BelFone DMR conventional IP Connect system- SDC to release more powerful features, delivering revolutionary capabilities to keep the team safer and more efficient.
Features & Benefits
Facilitate Application
Facilitate Application
- Color LCD and keypad are used to access more functions like receiving and sending messages, address book, battery status, set up, etc.
- Support BelFone Smart IP Connect system SDC and Virtual Trunking System SVT to realize versatile dispatch functions.
Full Advantage of DMR
Full Advantage of DMR
- DMO two timeslots save frequency licenses.
- DMR virtual trunking automatically chooses the idle slot.
Economical Radio Access to System
Economical Radio Access to System
Support BelFone Smart IP Connect system SDC and Virtual Trunking System SVT to have versatile dispatch functions with lower cost.
Voice Recording for Dispute Resolution
Voice Recording for Dispute Resolution
Support recording and storing radio ID, channel, record time, receive and send frequency in PC for more than 400 hours. Record inquiry is easy, which is helpful for evidence retention and searching.

DMO True 2-Slots

In direct mode these radios support two voice calls simultaneously due to DMR two timeslots, which means two communication paths at 1 frequency with no extra costs or frequency license.

BelFone Radio: DMO True 2-Slots

Digital/Analog Dual Modes

Receive both analog and digital signals on a single channel and can automatically switch into the needed mode for efficient communications.

BelFone Radio: Digital/Analog Dual Modes

Personnel Safety

Mandown: If some worker slips or falls, the mandown function will automatically activate and transmit a signal to other radios for help. Built-in Lone Worker, and Emergency alarms are also available in case of any accident.

BelFone Protable Radio BF-TD511: Personnel Safety

Automatic Roaming (Programmable)

In an IP multi-site network, this feature enables these radios to automatically roam among all sites and stay connected, delivering more flexibility and efficiency.

Voice Recording 

(32G memory--can record over 400 hours’ communications)

Support voice recording and you can play the recording on your radio. This is a radio with a good and long memory.

Radio Priority-Based Interruption

This function enables a radio with higher level to interrupt communications between radios with lower levels, giving higher priority to radios with higher levels. This means better dispatching efficiency.

IP68 Protection

Tightly sealed against dust, spills, sprays and unexpected showers, ensuring outstanding performance in tough environments.

BelFone Protable Radio BF-TD511: IP67 Protection

Advanced Encryption with RC4 Technology

The RC4 encryption technology keeps your communications safe and private, optimizing your information safety.

BelFone Radio: Advanced Encryption with RC4 Technology

DMO Pseudo Trunk

The user can choose slot 1 or slot 2 for communications. When one slot is occupied the radio will automatically switch into the free slot. Frequency efficiency is greatly increased.

BelFone Radio: DMO Pseudo Trunk

Frequency range
VHF:136-174 MHz; UHF:350-400 MHz; 400-480 MHz; 450-520 MHz
Channel Capacity
Channel Spacing
Operating Voltage
DC 7.4V (±20%)
Battery Capacity
2000 mAh
Battery Life(5/5/90)
Digital 22 Hours; Analog 16 Hours
Recording Time
400 Hours
Frequency Stability
Antenna Impedance
Dimensions (L×W×H)
61(L)* 35 (W)* 118 (H)mm
283g(Including Battery)
RF Output Power
High Power:4.5W; Low Power:1W
4FSK Modulation
12.5kHz Only data:7K60FXD; 12.5kHz data and audio:7K60FXE
FM Modulation
12.5 kHz:8K50F3E; 25 kHz:16KΦF3E;
Modulation Limiting
+/- 2.5kHz @ 12.5kHz; +/- 5kHz @ 25kHz
FM Noise
Conducted Emission
-36 dBm≤1GHz/-30 dBm≥1GHz
Adjacent Channel Power
Audio Response
+1/-3 dB
Audio Distortion
Digital Voice coder Type
Digital Sensitivity
5% BER:0.25 uV
Analog Sensitivity
0.25 uV (12 dB SINAD)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity
60 dB
Spurious Response Rejection
60 dB
FM Noise
Audio Response
+1/-3 dB
Rated Audio output power
Max Audio output power
Audio Distortion
3% (Typical)
Conducted Spurious Emission
Location Accuracy
Horizontal Accuracy≤-10m(with well signal)
TTFF (Time To First Fix) Cold Start
< 1 Minute (with well signal)
TTFF (Time To First Fix) Hot Start
< 10 Second (with well signal)
Environmental Specifications
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
MIL-STD-810G Standard
Vibration & Shock
MIL-STD-810G Standard
Dustproof & waterproof
Enhanced Conventional Portable Radio