BelFone Ensures Seamless Communication for 14th International Cycling Race

Oct 05,2023

  The 14th International Road Cycling Race, known as the "Tour of Hainan", was took place in the island province of Hainan, China from October 5th to 9th, 2023. The racecourse wound its way through the scenic coastal and mountainous tropical rainforests. Featuring participants from 20 high-level professional cycling teams from around the world, this year's event presented the unique challenge of its complex route. BelFone played a crucial role in ensuring flawless communication for the organizer staff to facilitate the successful running of the race.

  To cover a total race distance of 781.1 kilometers across 11 cities and counties in Hainan, BelFone established an Ad Hoc network by deploying BF-TR900 repeaters along the race route. These repeaters seamlessly connected to fixed base stations and car-borne wireless routers on mobile, creating a mobile communication system with extensive coverage. The system operated with different frequency bands through an IP connection and formed a wireless communication network that transcended geographical limitations. Mobile terminals seamlessly roamed within the network, facilitating voice and data communication. This network setup ensured comprehensive coverage throughout the race and enabled inter-base station communication for different stages, allowing real-time and accurate monitoring of the race's progress by the control team and enabling rapid respond to incidents.

  To ensure uninterrupted outdoor communication for race officials, volunteers, medical teams, and event management BelFone utilized the BF-TR900 repeater, which supported communication between analog and digital radios in multiple operating modes and simultaneous communication for two groups without interference to each other. The system design supported cross-group calls and accommodated high communication traffic. Additionally, optional high-capacity batteries offered quick and convenient installation and replacement, addressing the race's need for extended standby time and uninterrupted communication.

  Designed to facilitate reliable outdoor event communication, the BF-TR900 repeaters performed impeccably during an unexpected rain shower that occurred during the race. Featuring an all-aluminum housing, the repeater sustains a 100% duty cycle at 50W transmit power, meeting IP54 military-grade dust and waterproof requirements and ensuring that communication remains unaffected even in extreme weather conditions.


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