BelFone Showcases Cutting-Edge Push-to-talk Solutions at Critical Communications World 2023

May 30,2023

Critical Communications World (CCW) 2023 concluded its three-day conferences and exhibition on May 25th in Helsinki. CCW, a premier event for the critical communications industry, brought together industry experts, key players, and professionals from across the globe. The event served as a platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies and discuss the latest trends in critical communications. BelFone is one of the companies coming back to the show after nearly three-year inconveniences of international travel due to the pandemic.

BelFone Showcases Cutting-Edge Push-to-talk Solutions at Critical Communications World 2023

BelFone, a prominent technology and solution provider of mission and business-critical communications, made a significant impression as an exhibitor at CCW 2023. The company's presence at CCW 2023 highlighted its commitment to delivering advanced communication solutions for various industries.

BelFone's booth at CCW 2023 drew considerable attention and the company presented its latest range of mission-critical communication solutions. One of the standout products was the BF-TR925 Portable Mesh Network. B

During emergencies when communication networks in disaster areas are severely damaged, establishing a reliable "last mile" emergency voice communication network becomes crucial. BelFone's BF-TR925 series portable mesh network devices are specifically designed for rapid deployment in such scenarios. These devices, which can be easily carried or mounted on vehicles, provide immediate voice communication coverage. Their unique relay function enables layered networking, hierarchical dispatching, and extended communication distances. In extreme environments where traditional networks fail, the BF-TR925 series solves communication link issues between the frontline and command centers, facilitating flexible and stable signal support for improved rescue response efficiency.

BelFone also showcased its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) trunking solution, which caters to the evolving demands of critical communication users. The BF-TD950/BF-TM950 trunking radios, the BF-SCP810 multi-mode radio, and the BF-TD930 self-networking terminal were among the terminals exhibited. These devices offer reliable voice communication while incorporating intelligent, visualized, and integrated features. BelFone's comprehensive range of terminals can be flexibly configured to meet the specific needs of different critical scenarios.

BelFone made a significant impression as an exhibitor at CCW 2023

Visitors to BelFone's booth had the opportunity to experience these cutting-edge communication solutions firsthand. The company's experts provided personalized demonstrations, shared industry insights, and engaged in discussions regarding tailored communication solutions for individual customer requirements.

Talking to Radio China, Jerome Xue, Vice President of BelFone overseas business, said: "Voice communication remains important in critical moments, but intelligent, visualized, and integrated solutions have become the mainstream direction for mission-critical users. This time BelFone exhibited a comprehensive range of terminals to meet different application requirements in different environments and events."

BelFone's participation at CCW 2023 reaffirmed its dedication to advancing critical communication technologies and addressing the evolving needs of organizations globally. With its extensive experience, global reach, and customer-centric approach, BelFone has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the critical communications industry.

With a focus on delivering reliable, innovative, and high-quality communication solutions, BelFone serves users across various sectors in over 50 countries and regions. The company specializes in digital two-way radios, push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) devices, and other advanced communication solutions.

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