BelFone Answers to Emergency Communications Challenge

Dec 01,2021

Disasters such as wildfire, earthquake, and flood are often accompanied by infrastructure destruction and communication disruption, making it difficult for emergency response departments to accomplish tasks timely, effectively and safely. There are many questions to be answered. How to ensure reliable and smooth communication between front-line taskforces and the command center? How to connect personnel in complex environments? How to ensure that multiple teams can collaborate across departments when conducting field operations? BelFone has taken these frequently asked questions by customers and partners seriously.

BelFone’s Convergent Emergency Communication System


Emergency Communication Solution Overview

BelFone’s convergent emergency communication system (BMC mission-critical communications system) adopts a 3+3+3 design philosophy (three networking schemes and three-layer dispatching for three typical scenarios). The BMC system is composed of multiple subsystems, including core network, self-organizing network, MESH and satellite link, which realize centralized dispatching according to on-site requirements such as frontline command and on-site communication. BMC not only offers private network coverage, but also accesses the operator’s mobile network; therefore,  it guarantees smooth communication of three-level command and dispatch for emergency operations and collaboration. With this emergency communication system, information is delivered timely and accurately; rich voice and data applications are enabled for both daily and emergent communications.

BelFone Emergency Communication Key Benefits


Emergency Communication Key Benefits

1. The emergency team can quickly deploy an on-board or manpack Ad-Hoc network to provide on-site communication, wide coverage till the last mile, and seamless voice communication between the frontline and command center. 

2. Different departments often use their own communication devices for field operation, which cannot form an integrated communication network. BelFone’s convergent emergency communication solution can well solve the gap between systems in different frequency bands, facilitate cross-group interconnection and hierarchical command to ensure cross-departmental and cross-regional collaboration, greatly extending the communication distance and improving the efficiency of on-site collaboration.

3. When the private network infrastructure is destroyed, or the coverage is limited, BelFone’s BMC mission critical communication system can quickly establish a communication link with satellite, ultrashort wave, microwave, Mesh, etc., to realize convergent communication of voice, video, and broadband data. In extreme environments, BelFone’s BMC system can also provide the frontline team with a communication lifeline through the Beidou short message, which enables the satellite navigation system to always maintain communication with the command center.

BelFone Emergency Communications System Topology


BelFone's convergent emergency communications solution has been recognized and adopted by many communications departments of public security and firefighting for its emergency communication efficiency, signal reliability, transmission distance, and superior multi-converged communications. 

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