May 27,2021

Leading Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) industry media, MCCResources (www.criticalcommunicationsreview.com/ccr) and Radio China (www.radiochina.info) joint hands to present a series of webinars themed as “Critical Communications Now” (CCNow). It is an initiative to present latest development of PMR related technologies, products, solutions, and manufacturers to the stakeholders of the industry.

Recently, Gert Jan Wolf from MCCResources and Jesse Zhu from Radio China invited BelFone to join a group interview. BelFone, well known in China as BFDX, has been focusing on PMR industry for more than 30 years ever since the company’s establishment in 1989. Edward Wang, Vice President of BelFone, introduced the company’s R&D capacity, its success in China, and the strategy of investing and expanding in the international markets.

Allen Fang, Chief Product Director of DMR System, presented the major topic of this interview, BelFone’s BMC Emergency Communications System. The BMC system is designed for different levels of emergency management; it makes sure frontline Public Protection & Disaster Relief (PPDR) stay connected when they are on the move to handle emergencies. BWC adopts three-layer architecture comprising six subsystems to integrate command center, field command and operation networks, offering private coverage and connectivity to public mobile networks.

The interview video will be live via a CCNow webinar and Edward from BelFone will be hosting the live Q&A session. Please register here and reserve a slot on your calendar.

Session 1:  https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6369894586903477264    21:00PM 08-06-2021(Americas+EMEA)

Session 2:  https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3844153650182205707   14:00PM 10-06-2021((AsiaPac)


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