BelFone Provides Seamless Radio Communications for Successful Marathon

Jan 25,2021

BelFone, a leading technology and solution provider of mission and business critical communications, supported the Zhuhai Hengqin Marathon organizer with a one-stop solution of DMR SDC (Smart Digital IP Connect) communications and dispatching and enabled a safe and successful event in the end of December 2020, in Southern China.

On 27th December, over 10,000 runners gathered in Hengqin New District to round off the year with a marathon. With the Covid-19 fully under control across the country, China healthcare authority still had high-level and complete procedures in place for events of large gathering. Therefore, the marathon organizer went extra miles to make sure this post-pandemic event a success; and BelFone SDC DMR Trunking system was adopted to facilitate instant group communications across different crews, such technical officials, security, paramedics, volunteers, etc.


“We are proud to be selected as the two-way radio communications solution provider for this big event. It’s a national significant one after the COVID-19. Everybody was excited that it runs as scheduled. BelFone SDC system was again proven extremely efficient and reliable in keeping everyone connected and coordinated to ensure the successful marathon, ” said Edward Wang, Managing Director of Overseas BU from BelFone.

BelFone SDC (Smart Digital IP Connect) system, fully compliant to ETSI DMR open standard, works in both digital and analog modes, and with both VHF and UHF bands. TDMA 2-timeslot, with a 12.5 KHz channel spacing, delivers versatile voice and data services for users. The system ensured efficient push-to-talk within and across teams, which is very important for the crew scattered along the 42km track. The all-IP infrastructure of the system allows it to leverage a variety of networks, both public and private, to achieve extensive coverage without any blind spots.


BelFone DMR Repeaters and other system components were deployed to ensure 100% coverage for the event. Every onsite worker was equipped with a BF-TD511 portable radio, full-feature and IP68 rugged. There were multiple channels for technical officials, security, paramedics, and volunteers in their respective groups. Cross-group coordination was achieved via the system’s visualized dispatch center.

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