According to the problems faced by traditional campus security and the needs of intelligent campus construction, BelFone designed a set of advanced DMR digital wireless communication technology solutions.

1. Industry overview

The campus is an important place and institution for national talent training. At the same time, due to the open and inclusive humanistic environment of the campus, campus security is more special than other fields. The campuses generally have many disadvantages, such as large areas, scattered campuses, dense personnel, and poor awareness of prevention, which have also made campus security problems increasingly prominent.

Wireless two-way radios have been widely used in campus security protection, location patrol, and other fields as an instant communication tool. Still, they are limited to their conditions, such as: traditional two-way radios cannot provide full coverage, cannot achieve unified commanding of multiple campuses/departments and unified dispatching in case of emergencies. In addition, the traditional check-in patrol can not assess whether the campus security patrol is in place, which is not flexible enough and inconvenient to manage. The above shortages greatly test how campus management can better integrate modern communication methods to achieve an intelligent campus of communication + patrol + management.

Campus Patrol Management + Intelligent Communication Solution

The BelFone intelligent campus digital patrol solution fully integrates colleges and universities' practical requirements and effectively solves the above management and dispatching problems. It strengthens the management of the patrol work of college security personnel, and comprehensively improves the intelligence and communication efficiency of the patrol work to achieve real Intelligent campus management.

2. The solution

According to the problems faced by traditional campus security and the needs of intelligent campus construction, BelFone designed a set of advanced DMR digital wireless communication technology solutions. The solution takes the system data exchange/control server as the core, and uses computer technology to assist in the integration of various data information into a comprehensive multimedia command and dispatch management platform, which integrates wireless communication technology, digital management and patrol positioning management. It provides an accurate and rapid communication guarantee for daily campus management and emergencies.

SDC DMR tier II System Topology

①Daily patrol management

The advanced GPS patrol positioning system can meet the requirement of security personnel during campus patrol operations without manual check-in. The system can intelligently identify the patrol personnel and patrol routes, view the real-time dynamic information of campus personnel, locate personnel location, control patrol route, identify RIFD, check-in, manage attendance. It perfectly ensured effective management of daily patrol by campus security personnel.

②Multi-campus network coverage

For the multi-campus, it adopts a large-area communication network, using the TDMA technology to expand the communication range. It adopts pseudo trunking to solve the high-efficiency communication that the campus needs to communicate in time due to the busy period of communication and achieve the coverage of the multi-campus communication network.

Smart Digital IP Connect

③Alarm for emergencies

The campus end-users can take a one-key alarm when encountered emergencies. The center can quickly locate the personnel place and provide immediate and accurate assistance.

④ Multi-level visual dispatching

The real-time front dispatching realizes the on-site campus dispatching, while the rear dispatching realizes the dispatching of sites of multi-front dispatching and multi-campus. Visual dispatching accepts emergency alarm information for help 24/7. The background system can monitor patrol routes and tasks in real time, receive alarms and dispatch task instructions in time, and make it easier to handle various emergencies, and in result, the campus is becoming safer.

Visual Dispatching

3. Application value

Nowadays, with the frequent occurrence of campus safety incidents, campus safety is receiving extensive attention from all walks of life. Everyone is actively thinking about and advancing methods to strengthen campus safety. The BelFone intelligent campus patrol solution avoids the phenomenon that managers cannot scientifically and accurately assess and manage patrol personnel. The use of scientific and effective management methods has effectively ensured the orderly work process of the campus, and implemented the management of patrol personnel practically.

Campus Intelligent Communication System

At the same time, this solution can effectively ensures the daily work of campus security, accept emergency alarms and help information all day, calmly handle all kinds of emergencies, and escort the accurate and rapid communication command of the campus. This solution meets the linkage between the campus and the security center and various departments, realizes voice calls such as single call, group call and full call, and truly realized the intelligent management of personnel in campus security, cleaning, accommodation management and support workers, strengthened the understanding of university support workers, security and other management personnel on the emergency communication system, and improve the campus security management ability.