Wildfire in the West Causing Unimaginable Damages and Putting Firefighters Under Unprecedented Pressure


California has been battling the year’s most destructive fire. The fire started earlier this month, setting the whole west on fire, claiming more than 12 deaths with the number still climbing. 4.5 million acres have burned across the west. Tens of thousands of residents are ordered to evacuate. Besides the more directly hit victims whose homes and properties were consumed by wildfires, residents hundreds of miles away also suffered from the aftermath of the fire as they chocked in thick smoke and ashes.

The Worst Wildfire in California History

According to the American National Interagency Fire Center, more than 28,000 firefighters and support personnel were put on the front lines to fight fire and contain damage. First responders have been working day and night to save lives and mitigate damages, putting their own lives at risk. To facilitate fire rescue and personnel evacuation, first responders are empowered with state-of-the-art communication equipment to make sure that everyone stay connected and accounted for. BelFone BMC Emergency Communications Solution is such a radio system that will enable first responders to brave the challenges of the bushfires. This purpose-built, mission-critical system provides an extensive feature set that includes data management, real-time surveillance, personnel dispatching, multi-channel information transmission, emergency alert and more, to maximize field awareness and facilitate search and rescue work. The commander can have a real-time grasp of the whole filed situation thanks to the integrated GIS map and make the most effective deployments. All system terminals are IP68 rated, as firefighters need to use water and dust to put out fire. So, accidental sprays from the hose won’t interfere with the work.

The network design of BelFone Emergency Communications System

The networking design of BMC System is flexible enough to adapt to different geographical features of different sites. Network nodes can be added or removed as the specific situation requires, which helps the system to handle the influx of any outside aid to achieve cross-department cooperation. This way, firefighters, EMS personnel and volunteers can quickly work together to evacuate residents and save lives. Moreover, the fall-back redundancies make the network more resilient. Even if the network of the top command center breaks down, the field command network remains intact and keeps going. Furthermore, to ensure 100% coverage, BMC provides backpack base stations and repeaters. Workers on the move can carry backpacks, which are able to connect automatically any terminal within their mobile coverage.

Fires are still ravaging the west. It is a marathon battle and everyone is pitching in to contribute their share of efforts. The battle can’t be won without an effective communication system. As a professional PMR solution-provider with more than 30 years of industry experience and expertise, we commit ourselves to coming up with more customer-oriented solutions and delivering safety as well as efficiency.

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