TV Interview: Convergence of BDS Satellite and Radio Communications


September 16, 2020, BelFone Communications gave an interview to an influential local TV station.

BelFone Communications gave an interview to an influential local TV station.

The successful launch of China’s 55th BDS satellite this June was celebrated throughout the whole country, inspiring millions of people. The satellite, carried by a Long March-3B carrier rocket, is the 30th BDS-3 satellite and the 55th and final member of the whole BeiDou satellite family. The launch marked the completion of China's domestically developed BeiDou constellation, one of four global navigation networks. This gives a boost to China’s aerospace industry as well as communication technologies.

Radio Communication Systems

BelFone Communications is a professional PMR solution-provider with more than 30 years’ experience and expertise. As a dedicated PMR solution-provider, BelFone has been pioneering the development of professional digital trunking and broad & narrow band convergent communications technologies. Ever active in promoting the convergence of technologies, BelFone is among the first to embrace BeiDou positioning and combine it with radio communications, delivering two-way radios with positioning and tracking services. Apart from portable and mobile radios, BelFone also incorporates BD positioning into its advanced radio systems to provide more cost-effective navigation services and keep every user accounted for.

Two-way Radios with Positioning

To increase our comprehensive competitiveness, BelFone never stops PMR market cultivation and R&D building, putting over 15% of annual revenue into R&D, introduing new innovations into the markets. At present, our R&D staff takes up more than 30% of the staff body and we are the proud owner of more than 100 intellectual properties as well as patents. BelFone has established R&D facilities in Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, and Beijing. With a keen eye on customer needs, BelFone is committed to delivering customer-oriented communication solutions.

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