The Advantages of Two-way Radios


Two-way radios have gained favors with a wide range of users since its invention. People prefer two-way radios to other means of communications due to their manifold advantages. So, what are the main advantages of a two-way radio?

1)  Fast Communications And Stable Networks

With a two-way radio, it is push-to-talk. The transmitting rate is incredibly fast. The moment you transmit, the other user receives without having to pick up the call. This is way more efficient than a cellphone. As for stability, when disasters strike and public networks are paralyzed, communications will solely rely on private networks and two-way radios.

2)  Excellent Audio And Great Anti-interference

A quality two-way radio will normally incorporate a combination of communication technologies, such as advanced vocoder, signal processor, encryption, etc., to deliver a pleasant user experience. When it comes to audio quality and anti-interference, a two-way radio is usually superior to a cellphone, especially in a crowded and noisy environment.

3)  High Privacy And Strong Penetration

Depending on their specific battery capacity, frequency range, power output and antenna type, two-way radios, especially high power radios with long antennas, almost always have a long talk range. And penetration is great too, so indoor users and city users have one less thing to worry about. With advanced encryptions like RAC4, information privacy is guaranteed. Actually when it comes to communication privacy, a private network is always better than a public one, with or without encryptions.

Long Talk Range Two-way Radio

4)  Wide Varieties And Cost-effective

There are a great variety of two-way radios in the market-portable radios, mobile radios, commercial radios, police radios, trunking radios and so on, providing the users with rich choices. They are usually quite cost-effective too.

In a nutshell, two-way radios are both feature-rich and cost-effective, making it an ideal communication tool for users from different walks of life.

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