Smart Analog Walkie-talkie BF-S51

BF-S51 Smart Analog Walkie-talkie
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Smart Analog Walkie-talkie BF-S51


When used with a paired earpiece, BF-S51 enables the user to activate transmissions via voice without having to push the PTT button. Your hands won’t be tied to your radio.

Low Battery Alert

When the battery gets too low, the LED light on the top of the radio will flash red and the user should start recharging his radio.


When the signal is weak, the user can activate this feature which will enable BF-S51 to pick to the weakest signals on the current channel.


When the user activates this feature, BF-S51 will scan all the pre-defined channels on the radio and the user can easily access any communication activities on any channel.


By limiting each transmission time, Time-out Timer prevents channels from being unnecessarily occupied by mis-operation and thus improves channel efficiency.


This can effectively prevent interferences from other conversations at the same frequency. It helps to filter out unwanted signals.

Technical Specification for BelFone Analog Radio BF-S51

Standard Accessories

Antenna for BF-S51
Battery for BF-S51
Charger for BF-S51
Belt Clip for BF-S51
Hand Strap for BF-S51
Antenna Battery Charger Belt Clip Hand Strap

Optional Accessories

Programming Cable for BF-S51
Earpiece for BF-S51
Remote Speaker for BF-S51
Programming Cable Earpiece Remote Speaker

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