Smart 4G LTE PoC Radio BF-CM625

Smart 4G LTE PoC Radio
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BF-CM625 is a PoC two-way radio that offers nationwide coverage over 4G/LTE networks for your PTT communications. Besides license free nationwide radio communications, BF-CM625 also comes with a long battery life which can easily power you through the whole day!


Diverse Network Coverage: 4G LTE, GSM, WCDMA

4G networks deliver a higher data transfer rate and reduced latency, and thus enable the user to communicate with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Moreover, GSM and WCDMA networks offer the most dynamic options for your PTT communications.


Talker Priority (Supervisory Override)

A radio with higher level can interrupt communications between radios with lower levels, giving higher priority to senior workers.


Dispatch Application

BelFone PoC radios come with an optional dispatch application that allows managers to track every worker’s location in real-time and can monitor and dispatch with ease.


Real-time Radio Status

This function allows the dispatcher to know whether a user is available or not with the real-time presence indicator--green for "Available" to talk while red for "Do Not Disturb" (DND).


Over-the-air Programming

The user’s PTT contact book is preset via over-the-air programming, which makes management easier. And users can better concentrate on the mission.

Technical Specifications for CM625
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