SDP Smart Digital Trunking System

SDP Smart Digital Trunking System
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About SDP Smart Digital Trunking System:

SDP system design is based on ETSI DMR standard. The system is able to run at a 12.5 kHz channel spacing frequency with 2 timeslots for communications (one for voice and the other for data), providing versatile voice and data services for critical communications. SDP system integrates GPS and RFID technologies, offering smart management methods of personnel and facilities, ensuring higher safety and efficiency. SDP system supports flexible IP networking and can be customized or upgraded for more optional features.


Flexible IP Networking

The all-IP infrastructure of the system allows devices to be deployed anywhere within network. And it is easy to expand the network through single site or IP multi-sites, which facilitates the adding and removal of network nodes. The base stations of SDP system support multi-link modes (IP, RF wireless link, 3G/4G cellular), making it convenient to install the system in varied IT infrastructural environments.

Integrated Voice and Data

The SDP system design is based on DMR standard and is able to operate at a 12.5KHz spacing frequency with two timeslots, one for voice and the other for data. It supports group call, private call and emergency call on one slot, and uses the other slot to provide versatile data services, such as Text Message, Patrol Checking (RFID), Location Positioning and Tracking (GPS for outdoors and RFID for indoors). Also, it can achieve dispatching and remote controlling at the same frequency.

Smart Team Management

Each terminal belongs to a specific organization, team and name, and such information can be defined or redefined by the dispatcher. You can also set the terminal level(commander, level 1/2/3 user etc.) according to the user’s different place in the company hierarchy, granting him with relevant priorities.

Terminals are bound to their users (only the dispatcher can unbind them). A user can login the system with his radio by reading his personal tag on the handheld radio, which provides working shifts management for a great variety of users.

All the operations and events are stored in the database of the system, including the radio power on/off records, working shifts, voice recordings, GPS tracks, patrol records, alarm/alert records. All these information can be accessed and exported in Excel format, which greatly promotes file& personnel managements.

Smart Dispatching

You can dispatch from the dispatch center or you can dispatch through your radio.  Terminals support such dispatch functions as emergency channel dispatch, multi-site all call dispatch, different level dispatch, priority call interrupt in dispatch call etc.

The web-based dispatching application for operators supports cross-platform operation both in desktop and in tablet and can operate on the browsers of all OS platforms.

Real-time Patrol Recording and Management

SDP system supports real-time patrol control and management. A handheld radio of SDP system has built-in RFID reader and GPS module, and is able to detect a ‘checkpoint’ and automatically transmit its information over a dedicated data slot. The ‘checkpoint’ can either be set with a simple industrial standard passive RFID-capable tag, or a GPS virtual checkpoint.

The system is able to set rules for users in a patrol group, including the route, starting time, arriving time, duration, required working days in the week or on the calendar. And the system will automatically collect all the patrol data of each terminal.


Location Positioning and Tracking

The integration of GPS and RFID reader makes SDP system capable of providing location positioning and tracking services on the map: when users are outdoors, the GPS for positioning is activated and radios will report its location information automatically; if there are positive RFID points indoors, when a radio arrives within the coverage of the positive RFID transmitter, it will report the information to the center.

Radio movements can be managed if needed. The control center can activate Geo fencing to control the moving area of a terminal. An alert will go off if the radio steps over the boundary of the fence, or doesn’t have any movements for a set period of time.





SDP System Server BF-8000

Switch center for SDP system, small and light with great capacity (support up to 10,000 users in one center)

Database for GIS map, GPS, voice recordings, Patrol, user level management, device management and all other voice and data services


SDP Smart Dispatcher

Web-based Operation Platform; Cross OS Operation

Real Time Management of Users and Devices

Patrol Planning and Management

GPS/RFID Location Information Display and Tracking

Emergency Alarm Management

Remote Control (Radio Disable/Enable, Monitor, Over The

 Air Radio Channel Control)

GIS Base-Every Event Shown on the Map

Phone Interconnectivity (release 2.1 2017 Q4)


DMR Portable Radios BF-TD800

VHF: 136-174 MHz; UHF: 400-470 MHz

RF Power Output: 5W/1W(VHF); 4W/1W(UHF)

IP67 For Dust& Water Protection

2500 mAh Li-ion Battery; A Long Battery Life

Inbuilt GPS

Inbuilt RFID Reader

Roaming Work Mode in Multi Sites (Upgradable)

Voice Prompt For Different Status

Support Text Messages

User Level Management; Terminal  Dispatching 

Support DMR Standard Telemetry


DMR Mobile Radios BF-TD8250D

VHF: 136-174 MHz; UHF: 400-470 MHz

RF Power Output:30W(VHF);


IP54 For Dust& Water Protection

Inbuilt GPS

Roaming Work Mode in Multi Sites (Upgradable)

Voice Prompt For Different Status

Support Text Messages

User Level Management; Terminal Dispatching

Support DMR Standard Telemetry


Base Station Controller BF-TC817

Base Station Control, Repeater Connection Time Synchronization (GPS)

Terminal Online/Offline Status Report; Local/Roaming Report; Authentication Control

Data Service Control

Support Repeater Mode (2 Mobile Radios Needed)

Multilink Connection (IP, 3G/4G, RF wireless link)


Support DMR Standard Telemetry


DMR Repeater BF-TR8050

UHF: VHF: 136-150/150-174MHz; 400-430/420-450/440-470MHz

Power Output: 50W/25W, 100% Full Duty Circle

Strong Anti-interference Ability (Narrow Band)

IP Connectivity



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