Public Safety

April 7,2018.

As a sojourner in a civilized society I realize how lucky I am every single day. I experience the many benefits and conveniences that public utilities and safety bring into my life. When I want to go from point A to point B in the city, I can easily take a bus or the subway. When I want to travel to another city, an express train will take me there at an unprecedented speed. I feel safe to walk in the street after a midnight party, because I know there are night-shift patrolling officers working to make sure the streets are safe. Should I need any help, help will come in no time.

Every one of us owes our sense of convenience and security to a group of people who dedicate their lives to public service so that our life and business affairs can go on orderly. We all need to say thank you to these selfless public service workers.

At BelFone we express our gratitude by committing ourselves into designing and manufacturing quality radios that every public service worker needs. We come up with PMR solutions that bring more efficiency and safety to their work and life. We feel grateful and we feel proud!

BF-TD511S is an analog/digital dual mode PMR solution which packs all the cutting-edge digital technologies into a rugged and compact design. Incorporating advanced audio processing and anti-interference technologies, our IP67 BF-TD511S enables rescuers to enjoy quality communications even in noisy and strong EMI environments. Team leaders can use its Transmit Interrupt functions to stop any unwanted communications or to preempt to clear a channel, which gives priority to more important communications and greatly increases work efficiency. Where safety is concerned, the delicate orange emergency button together with such functions as Man-down, Lone Worker and GPS helps to optimize rescuers’ safety. We don’t want to jeopardize the safety of our heroes while they are saving the day, do we?

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