Professional FM Two-way Radio BF-3110 for Small Businesses and Amateur Users

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BF-3110 is a professional FM two-way radio with excellent performance and stability. Its clear audio and long battery life all contribute to a friendly UE, making it a great choice for small businesses and amateur radio lovers.

Channel Announcement

When the user is switching channels using the channel knob, the radio will announce the current channel number. The user can choose from Chinese and English announcements, or he can turn off this feature if he doesn’t need it.

Squelch Levels (0-9)

This feature helps to reduce background noise and deliver a clearer audio. The user can set the squelch level according to his communication needs.


This function helps you to enjoy hand-free operation. You can transmit via your voice while your hands are doing more important things. (It needs to be used with a paired accessory.)

TOT (Timeout Timer)

This can effectively prevent a channel from being unnecessarily occupied by mis-operation. The user can set a timeout for each transmission (10-300 seconds). When the time is out, the transmitting will automatically stop and a warning tone will go off.

Transmission Beep

When this feature is activated, a beep will go off either before or right after a transmission (or both) according to the radio’s setting. This helps to reassure the user of the successful transmission of a signal.


This enables the user to monitor all the radio communications on the preset channels. The user can stop at any channel he wants. BF-3110 will only scan preset channels.

Programmable Bandwidth

BF-3110 supports both wide (25kHz) and narrow (12.5kHz) bands. The user can set the bandwidth via the PC programming software according to his communication needs.

Busy Channel Lockout (BCL)

When activated, this feature prevents the radio from receiving unauthorized signals or transmitting signals to busy channels. So channels can be kept from unnecessary interference.


This helps to keep out unwanted signals and deliver more channel clarity and efficiency.

Low Battery Alert

When the user turns on BF-3110, the radio will automatically run a battery check. When the voltage is lower than 3.3V, the LED will flash red and a warning tone will go off every other ten seconds. The user will find the radio unable to transmit. Please recharge your battery A.S.A.P.


The user can use this feature to pick up weak signals on a channel. When there is no radio signals on the current channel, the user can adjust the radio volume according to the volume of the background noise.


Technical Specification for BF-3110

Standard Accessories

Battery Charger Belt Clip Antenna Hand Strap

Optional Accessories

Earpiece Programming Cable Remote Speaker

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