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Workers in fields like mines and oil rigs have to confront potentially explosive gas or combustible dust on a daily basis. Thus, they need a safe and effective communication tool to help them deal with the various challenges of their work. This is where explosion proof two-way radios come into play.

Explosion Proof Two-way Radio

BelFone Communications has recently introduced a pair of IIB explosion-proof DMR radios into the market. Now let’s follow the performance assessment on one of them, BF-TD511 Ex.

Explosion-proof Two-way Radio

1. Exterior Design

Drawing on the classic BelFone exterior design, BF-TD511 Ex adds some new elements to catch the eye. Let’s look at the details.

a. Simple and elegant. The two-way radios in the current market are mainly black, with a touch of other complementary colors. Whereas, this radio chooses deep blue as a basic color and the classic black for frequently used parts such as PTT button, antenna, battery, power knob and channel knob. Such innovative combination of colors can avoid dullness and make the radio more recognizable.

b. The size and weight are just right. The radio dimension being 60.8(L)* 35.7(W)* 118.5 (H)mm, it is very easy to hold in and operate with a single hand. And the weight of 284g is barely a burden. Overall this radio is quite compact and light, easy to operate and carry.

c. Screen+ Full Keypad. The 1.8 inch HD LCD screen enables the user to read all sorts of useful information that span incoming calls, text messages, battery status etc. And with the keypad, the user can easily access a variety of features, delivering a richer radio experience. (However, if you find the screen and keypad too distracting, our BF-TD510 Ex is designed with neither so that users can stay focused on the task. We keep the different needs of different users on mind.)

As they say, the devil is in the details. BelFone explosive proof two-way radios handle the details just right. The PTT button is long and big with a rough surface, the orange emergency alert button, the stubby antenna is designed with great sensitivity, and the port on the side is multi-functional and can be tightly sealed. Such is the attitude of a professional PMR solution-provider.

Explosion Proof Radio

2. Stability Test

IIB certified, BF-TD511 Ex is designed to brave the challenges of bad weathers, explosive gas, combustible dusts. BF-TD511 Ex combines the intrinsically safe explosion-proof circuit and shock-resistant radio body to deliver better safety. The IP67 rating makes BF-TD511 Ex immune to water and dust so that, rain or shine, the user can carry on his communication work. Further this radio supports the operating temperature of -20℃—+60. In a word, a tough radio for tough environments!

Explosion-proof Two-way Radio

3. Performance Test

BF-TD511 Ex is more than just an explosion-proof handheld radio. It is also a most cost-effective two-way radio that supports analog/digital dual modes to deliver a smooth transition from analog to digital. In the performance testing, BF-TD511 Ex did an amazing job in talk range, audio quality, and anti-interference. It consistently delivers a loud and crisp digital voice even in remote areas. Although the radio output power is not very high, the 15.W rated audio power output, 50Ωantenna impedance, the integrated AMBE3000 vocoder and the speaker design work together to guarantee a longer communication distance as well as a clearer voice. We put two BF-TD511 Ex radios near each other, within 1m, and pushed to talk. The audio was loud and clear, and there is little signal interference. Afterwards, one person carried one of the radios and walked along the road while the other person and radio stayed put. The communication remained good for as long as 2 miles. After that, the signals grew unstable and sometimes messages got lost. So the DMO talk range is 2 miles, which may not seem impressive, but which should be more than enough considering the radio’s targeted users.

4. Other Advantages

Digital radios are normally upmarket. Not everyone can afford a digital radio, and it is by no means the best radio for every user. Comparatively speaking, BF-TD511 Ex supports both digital and analog modes and the price is quite reasonable. Besides the above-mentioned advantages, its feature kit includes 400h recording, man down, lone worker, GPS, emergency alert and more. Due to TDMA technology, both channel capacity and frequency efficiency are doubled. And battery life is extended by 40%.

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