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BelFone Introduces Dual PTT Two-way Radio with Great Safety Features

BelFone Communications, a leading professional communications solution provider, has recently launched a new two-way radio model BF-500 with great productivity and safety features, adding another member to its analog radio series. BF-500 innovatively adopts unique dual-PTT design to increase the efficiency of cross-department communications and prioritize the response to emergency calls.

BF-500 has two PTT (push-to-talk) buttons to fulfill dual channel standby and transmitting to facilitate multiple-group and cross-department calls. While one PTT button comes with a preset channel, the other PTT button hinges on the channel control knob. And when not transmitting, BF-500 is on standby for both channels. With dual standby users won’t miss vital calls from either channel.

Dual PTT Walkie Talkie

In emergencies, one of the two channels is standby for regular calls, and the other channel is reserved for emergency calls. There is no need to find out which channel the emergency call is from. The program allows either of the PTT button to respond. Such a feature minimizes the possibility of a missed or delayed emergency call, making BF-500 a great tool for workforce safety.

Two-way Radio with Noise Cancellation

The integrated noise cancellation feature helps to filter out background noises and enhance the overall audio experience.

Two-way Radios for Cross-department Communications

As an ideal, cost-effective analog solution for users with heavy communication demands, BF-500 can easily meet the communication needs of industries such as manufacturing, transportation, construction, education, etc. BF-500 empowers users to communicate with higher productivity and safety.

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