Explosion-proof DMR portable two-way radio with IP67 Protection and GPS Positioning

BF-TD511 Ex
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    BF-TD511 Ex
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BF-TD511 Ex is a CNEX Ex in IIB T4 GB certified explosion-proof two-way radio designed for potentially explosive work environments in industries like oil and petroleum, chemicals, mining, emergency response, and firefighting and rescue. It also comes with a rich feature kit to further empower the user to brave his work environment and complete his task. With TDMA 2 timeslots, built-in GPS, voice recording and more, BF-TD511 Ex is your best explosion-proof radio.


BF-TD511 Ex is an intrinsically safe DMR two-way radio with an explosion-proof circuit design as well as a shatter-resistant structure. Its optimal stability and safety easily meets the challenges of explosive work environments.

BelFone DMR Portable with ARC4& AES256

Advanced Encryption with ARC4& AES256

The ARC4 Technology together with AES256 keeps your communications safe and private, optimizing your information safety.

GPS Positioning

With built-in GPS, the user can track the whereabouts of a radio whenever he wants. You can know where all your workers are in real-time.

Personnel Safety

If a worker slips or falls, the radio will immediately trigger the integrated Mandown function and transmit a signal to other radios for help. The Lone Worker feature and Emergency Alarm are also available in case of any accident.

BelFone DMR Two-way Radio with IP67 Protection

IP67 Protection

BF-TD511 Ex is tightly sealed against dust, spills, sprays and unexpected showers, ensuring outstanding performance in challenging environments.

 Two-way Radio with Voice Recording Feature

Voice Recording

With a 32G memory, BF-TD511 Ex can support over 400 hours’ communications. This radio allows you to record and share your voice easily, replaying your communications during the operation. This is an explosion-proof radio with a good and long memory.

DMO True 2-slots

In direct mode BF-TD511 Ex supports two voice calls simultaneously due to DMR two timeslots, which means two communication paths at one frequency with no extra cost.

Digital/analog Dual Modes

This enables BF-TD511 Ex to receive both digital and analog signals on the same channel and can automatically switch into a matching mode for efficient communications.

BelFone Explosion-proof Two-way Radio

BF-TD511 Ex Explosion-proof Radio Specifications

Standard Accessories


Battery for BF-TD511
Charger for BF-TD511
Belt Clip for BF-TD511
Hand Strap
Stubby Antenna
Belt Clip
Hand Strap


Optional Accessories


Earpiece Programming Cable Whip Antenna Remote Speaker Super Charger

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