No FIFA World Cup or any other major event would be the same without the tremendous contribution of a sound communication system, which makes sure that everything goes as planned and that everyone is safe while having a good time.

Every goal matters. A smart and efficient communication system secures a perfect game. And BelFone SDP is such a system.

BelFone SDP system is based on ETSI DMR standard. The system is able to run on a 12.5 kHz channel spacing frequency with 2 timeslots for communications (one for voice and the other for data), providing versatile voice and data services for critical communications. SDP system integrates GPS and RFID technologies, offering smart management methods of personnel and facilities, ensuring higher safety and efficiency. SDP system supports flexible IP networking and can be customized or upgraded for more optional features.

1. Flexible IP Networking

2. Integrated Voice and Data

3. Smart Team Management

4. Smart Command& Control

5. Real-Time Patrol Recording and Management

6. Location Positioning and Tracking

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