Ergonomic Design Commercial Two-Way Radio BF-338


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Product Item: Ergonomic Design Commercial Two-Way Radio BF-338



This function enables you to monitor all the communications on the same channel.



This function enables you to listen for all the communications on all the channels. You can easily find out what's going on on different channels.



With our paired VOX earpiece, this function helps to liberate your hands so that you can focus better on your missions.


PC Programming

Users can program their radios and access different features when connected to a PC via a programming cable. Wired clone is also available.


Nine Squelch Levels Selectable

Filters out unwanted interference and enhances audio clarity.


Low Power Alert

This is a user-friendly function to remind you to charge your radio in time.


Auto Power Save

The saved power can give you a longer standby time.


Channel Prompt

You don't have to waste your attention on the reading of channels. You will just have to listen to the voice prompt to know which channel you are on.



The built-in flashlight helps to bring darkness to its knees.

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