It is important to keep your workers connected regardless of time and places, but this is not an easy task to achieve, especially when your workers are constantly on the move (eg: a transport fleet). So, if you are a leader of a car fleet, your priority will be to connect all your workers/drivers in as many places as possible, because it will directly affect the safety of workers and efficiency of operations. Of course, you will choose the best two-way radio you can find with all these fancy features such as a loud and clear digital audio, a long battery life, TDMA 2 timeslots, pseudo trunk, versatile calling functions, and even dispatching features like transmit interrupt and remote kill/ stun/ revive. You will want your drivers to stay focused on the road, so you may not welcome a display screen. You want a two-way radio to connect and safeguard your workers, but not to distract them!

You know that your workers are always driving about, so you have probably got an IP network with impressive coverage. However, with all the above secured, you will still need to consider the connectivity of your two-way radios. Now, how do you make sure that your portable radios will stay connected to the network anytime, anywhere? When your drivers move from one site to another, do they have to stop and manually connect their radios to the local network? Or can the handheld radios automatically roam from site to site without any manual operations?

DMR Radios with automatic roaming

BelFone BF-TD505/506 is a pair of smart DMR migration radios designed for commercial users ranging from shopping malls, hotels, car fleets, to factories, construction sites and security workers. Besides all the conventional analog features, this pair of dual-mode radios brings you a whole set of digital features: two timeslots, versatile calls, remote kill/stun/revive, transmit interrupt, priority-based interrupt, etc. Above all, BF-TD505/506 is integrated with automatic roaming to enable the radios to automatically roam among all sites and stay connected in an IP multi-site network, delivering more flexibility and efficiency.

Now, if you equip your drivers with BF-TD506(Unlike BF-TD505, BF-TD506 is designed without a display) two way radios, you can make sure that they stay connected and accounted for. With BF-TD506, you can interrupt communications between radios with lower priorities to make emergency dispatch calls, and kill or revive a radio over the air. This is especially useful when a radio is lost and you want to prevent information leakage.

BF-TD506: the ideal portable radio solution to guarantee seamless connection and efficient communications!

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