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BelFone BMC Emergency Response Solution
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BMC Emergency Response Solution

System Introduction

The system enjoys an extensive feature set including data management, patrol management, real-time surveillance, personnel dispatching, multi-channel information transmission, emergency alarm, etc. Complying with military standard, the whole system infrastructure is built to perform in tough environments. Adopting B/S network structure and integrating high precision BDS as well as RFID management, BelFone BMC provides reliable connectivity, intuitive operation and robust functionality, enabling the user to respond to emergencies promptly and effectively. Moreover, the system has great compatibility, practicality, reliability. The network of the system covers the whole operating field and keeps everyone connected, making sure that both safety and efficiency are maximized.

3+3+3 Networking Designs

Command Center Network

Deploy base stations and repeaters according to the geographical features of the field. Based on the simulcast networking, the link logic is simplified and spectrum efficiency is maximized, so that the system is stable and can handle the influx of any outside aid to achieve cross-region cooperation. The base stations are connected by multi IP connections (wired/wireless/private links) and are remote controlled by the command center.

Field Command Network

The deployed mobile base stations and backpack base stations are always on the move and will automatically connect any terminals, portables or mobiles, within their network coverage. Thus it is very flexible and resilient. If the network of the command& control center is upset, the field command network can still remain intact and keep going.

Field Operation Network

As some fields might have more complicated geographical features, the command center network alone might not be able to achieve 100% coverage. This is where the backpack base stations come in. Workers on the move can carry base stations on their backs and automatically connect any terminals within their coverage. Thus 100% network coverage is secured.

Simulcast Feature

The simulcast network is flexible, reliable and convenient. It enjoys the advantages of resources saving, seamless roaming, and can easily extend its network to cover any blind areas. Deploy several same frequency repeater base stations at the operating field, connect them by links, and the coverage problem is effectively solved. When carrying out a vital task, the command center can quickly connect all the base stations, bringing all the communications from different sub-areas onto the same page. Thus, everyone within the whole coverage is well connected and dispatching is facilitated.

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