How to Disinfect Your Two-way Radios May 27,2020.

Maybe you are not germ-phobic, but the current epidemic has made it necessary for us to develop a daily disinfecting habit. If you are willing to give your keys, glasses, pens and even cellphones a sanitizer bath, why not your two-way radios? After all, germs do not discriminate. Here is how I suggest you should disinfect your two-way radios:

Disinfect Two-way Radios

Disinfect your walkie talkie with isopropyl alcohol wipes. Do not use or allow moisture into any of the radio’s openings;

If you don’t have wipes, use a clean microfiber cloth and diluted alcohol (60%water& 40% alcohol). Remember to dry radio surfaces immediately after disinfecting.

After you are done disinfecting, leave your radio in a ventilated environment to dry.

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