BF-TR900EG Tough DMR Repeater with Modular Design for Mission-critical Users

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BF-TR900EG is a highly integrated DMR repeater in BelFone BMC system with IP54 protection and MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F standard to tackle various harsh environments. This intrinsically safe and versatile repeater can also function as a fixed base station, and it also supports IP networking as well as simulcasting modes. Unlike traditional repeaters, BF-TR900EG is designed with self-inspection circuit and module redundancy to ensure steady and reliable operation.

Remote Setting

The user can program the repeater over the air, making it much more convenient and flexible.

Modular Design

The modular design of BF-TR900EG is tough and resilient. And it is easier to fit into a larger system of structure if need be.

Monitor/Transmit Interrupt

BF-TR900EG can pick up conversations in the repeating network and use Transmit Interrupt to clear a channel in times of emergency.


With the integrated self-inspection circuit, BF-TR900EG is constantly running self-diagnosis so that any operation error will be detected and reported in time.

IP Interconnection

Allows devices to be deployed anywhere within the network. And network can be easily extended, either from single site or IP multi sites for a bigger coverage, which facilitates the adding and removal of network nodes.


DMR Repeater with IP Connection
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