BF-SC500UV Dual Bands Analog Two-way Radio

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UV Dual Bands

BF-SC500UV is capable of cross-band operation. When not transmitting, it can receive both VHF signals and UHF signals, although not simultaneously. The users can keep two talk groups at the same time, delivering more convenience.


Switchable Powers

The user can switch transmitting power (H:5W/ M:3W/ L:1W) according to his specific communication needs, which makes BF-SC500UV way more flexible and convenient than most.



With a paired microphone, the user can active the transmitting function through voice only and no longer needs to press the PTT button.


Lighting/ Flashlight 

The built-in flashlight drives darkness away when the user is operating in a dark environment. BF-SC500UV brings more light into your work and life.


Wide/Narrow Bands Switchable

This function enables the user to set your bandwidth (two optional bandwidth, wide bandwidth: (25KHz)narrow bandwidth: (12.5KHz)). Screen display “W” means wide bandwidth& screen display “N” means narrow bandwidth.



This can effectively prevent interferences from other conversations at the same frequency. Unwanted signals are filtered out.


Technical Specifications for BF-SC500UV

Standard Accessories

Antenna Battery Charger Belt Clip

Hand Strap

Optional Accessories

Power Bank for two-way radios

Mobile Power Programming Cable Earpiece Remote Speaker

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