BF-990 BelFone Analog Mobile Radio with Voice Encryption

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The integrated CTCSS/CDCSS/STE protects you from unnecessary interference from other communication activities at the same frequency. You only communicate with your target radios.

DTMF, 2 Tone, 5 Tone

Such functions enable flexible and versatile calling procedures.

Remote Kill, Remote Stun and Remote Revive

You can remote kill, stun or revive another radio with our smart BF-990, which brings more efficiency and safety into your work, especially when you are working with a team.

Emergency Alarm

BF-990 keeps your safety in mind. Should any emergency rises, press the emergency alarm button and the radio will immediately transmit a signal for help to your colleagues.

Busy Channel Lockout (BCL)

This prevents the user from transmitting on an already busy channel, and thus increases the user’s work efficiency.

Time-out Timer (TOT)

This function limits the transmitting time for each PTT press and effectively prevents a channel from being unnecessarily occupied by mistake.

PC Programming

The user can program his radio on the computer via a programming cable.

Standard Accessories

 Power Fuse
Hang Buckle
Car Fixed Bracket Screw
Remote Microphone
DC Power Supply Cord
Platform Support

Optional Accessories

Power Supply Programming Cable Antenna

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