BF-5000 Base Station and Repeater in One

BF-5000 High Power Analog Repeater

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High Repeating Power Analog Repeater

BF-5000 high power analog repeater supports a maximum repeating power of 45W. The system coverage is effectively extended with lesser setup equipment.



This effectively filters out unwanted signals and thus increases repeating efficiency.


PC Programmable

The user can preset the specifications and features of BF-5000 in a computer via a programming cable.


Base Station and Repeater Dual Modes

BF-5000 base station and repeater can operate both as a base station and a repeater, bringing more flexibility into your work.



When BF-5000 works as a repeater, the user can remote kill/stun/revive BF-5000 through the control center. When working as a base station, BF-5000 supports remote kill/stun/revive both ways. This greatly facilitates commanding efficiency.




--Voice Compandor


BF-5000 Technical Specifications

Standard Accessories

Power Cord
Optional Accessories

Connector Power Supply Programming Cable Remote Speaker

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