BelFone Showcases PMR Solutions at PMRExpo 2017


BelFone, a pioneer in PMR industry, showcased a series of products and solutions including the newly-released BMC Emergency Response Solution and the Wireless MESH Solution at PMRExpo 2017 on November 28-30 at Cologne, Germany.

The BMC system enjoys an extensive feature set including data management, patrol management, real-time surveillance, personnel dispatching, multi-channel information transmission, emergency alarm, etc. Complying with military standard, the whole system infrastructure is built to perform in tough environments.

Wireless MESH Network (WMN) is a new network architecture consisting of a wide variety of nodes. Its network topology enjoys the following advantages: Ad hoc, self-repairing, multi-hop connections, self-organizing, self-managing etc. It is commonly used in fields like army, police, public security, and forest-fire prevention.

BF-TM8250R is a DMR mobile terminal with 2 timeslots which is able to function as a single frequency repeater. It allocates one timeslot to receive a signal and the other to transmit it at the same frequency, using DMO mode to extend radio coverage. In this way, it saves another frequency to function as a repeater without the need of a duplexer or an extra antenna, making it a cost-effective and suitable choice for commercial users who value coverage.

Our products and solutions attracted the attention of lots of visitors and the exhibition was a big success!

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