BelFone SFR650 Single Frequency Repeater Solution

BelFone SFR650 Single Frequency Repeater Solution:

Single Frequency Repeater Mode on 2 Timeslots

Good Heat Dispersion

Multiple Sites via IP (Factory Option)

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BF-SFR650 is a professional single frequency repeater solution which is also able to function as an access site within a system. As a single frequency repeater, BF-SFR650 allocates one timeslot to receive a signal and the other to transmit it at the same frequency, using DMO mode to extend radio coverage. This greatly increases spectrum efficiency and the user does not need an extra antenna. Furthermore, BF-SFR650 supports IP connectivity within a conventional IP multisite radio network. It will prove to be an ideal choice for commercial users.


Single Frequency Repeater Mode on 2 Timeslots

BF-SFR650 receives voice and data information in DMO mode on the first timeslot and transmits it on the second timeslot (90ms) almost simultaneously, using only one frequency to extend radio communication range.


Good Heat Dispersion

The quick heat dissipation makes it possible for BF-SFR650 to operate within the specified temperature without derating, and thus enables it to run stably for long hours.


Multiple Sites via IP (Factory Option)

BF-SFR650 supports network connection via the IP port to form a private radio network, thus meeting data and voice communication needs for wide area coverage and dispersed locations.

 SFR650 with IP Connectivity

Flexible Module Design

The one U module design is flexible as well as robust, making it easy to fit into any module combinations, delivering more flexibility into your work.


Analog/Digital Back-to-Back Interconnect (Optional)

BF-SFR650 supports different operating modes of analog and digital to interconect for voice crosspatch, allowing analog users to communicate with digital users and vice versa. This delivers a smooth transition from analog to digital.

SFR650 Technical Specifications
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