BelFone provides radio solution for a Westin Hotels& Resorts

February 9,2018.

The Background

The Westin Hotel in case is a 1200m2, 28-story property with 2 underground stories. The hotel is famous for its relentless devotion to service. But with such a massive structure, it is a real challenge to connect every staff member.


The Challenge

The customer asks for an efficient and reliable radio system that covers the whole hotel seamlessly, including the two underground stories of course. The idea is to cover every corner and keep everyone connected.


BelFone Solution

According to the customer’s requests and the information acquired, based on over 20 years of expertise in PMR industry, we installed a radio system in the motor room on 8F, which consists of a BF-5000 base station repeater, a mixer, a divider, a power module, and a duplexer. Meanwhile, signal channel couplers, power dividers as well as top antennas were evenly allocated in different areas of the hotel as part of the indoor structure. Cables were laid out along the bridge, and the said antennas were installed as close to the bridge as possible. In this way, a sound radio communication system covering the whole property is secured. Empowered with BelFone radio solution, they can now better serve their customers.

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