BelFone High Power Handheld BF-835EG for Egyptian Market

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High Transmitting Power

With high transmitting power and high receiving sensitivity BF-835EG can effortlessly enlarges your communication area. Moreover, BF-835EG comes with switchable power modes (high/middle/low) to meet your different communication scenarios and prevent unnecessary power consumption.

Great Interference-resistance

The excellent anti-interference ability enables you to enjoy stable and uninterrupted communications.

Emergency Alert Button

BF-835EG comes with a delicate orange emergency button. Just press this button and an emergency alert will instantly go off. Your safety is our utmost concern.

Two-way Radio with Emergency Alert

Superior Audio

BF-835EG delivers a loud and clear audio experience. It is as if you are talking with the other person face to face.

Walkie Talkie with loud audio

Long Standby Time

The 2000mAh battery capacity gives BF-835EG a standby time as long as 80 hours, meeting the communication needs of a long workday.

Two-way Radio with Long Battery Life

Multiple Charging Modes

BF-835EG supports car charging, PC charging and USB charging. You can choose the most convenient way to charge your two-way radio.


BF-835EG High Power Two-way Radio

Standard Accessories

BelFone Radio Antenna
Battery for two-way radios
Two-way radio charger
Belt Clip for walkie talkies
A hand strap for radios
Antenna Battery Charger Belt Clip Hand Strap
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