BelFone ETX Trunking Communication System

BelFone ETX Trunking Communication System
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System Introduction

BelFone ETX Trunking System is a new generation of digital integrated trunked system based on DMR TierIII standard and designed for public safety, public utility, and other professional users, providing stable and seamless communications as well as command and dispatch solutions. Integrated with Automated Information Selection feature, ETX is able to share resources, duties, channels and can deliver versatile, efficient communication services. ETX is a professional communication solution for professional users.


System Advantages


Network Access Authentication

ETX requires network access authentication of system base stations and other system terminals, to keep out illegal users who happen to be operating at the same frequency. Every member within the system possesses a unique information ID.


Mulit-layer Encryptions

With built-in multi-layer encryption technologies such as ARC4, AES256, software-based encryption and hardware-based encryption, ETX system can effectively ward off unwanted signals and communications, and thus greatly increase system security level as well as system efficiency.


Multiple Fall-back Modes

The system core network comes with a backup network, which when the core network fails will automatically and immediately comes into play, making sure that the system keeps running whatever link is upset. This way, the terminals stay connected and in operation mode.


Advanced Backup Technology

ETX system is designed with a comprehensive backup plan which includes hardware backup, power supply backup, network backup, data backup. The data can be easily accessed by the user.


Terminal Theft-proof

When a terminal is lost or when the commander wants to forbid the transmission or receiving of a terminal, such functions as Remote Kill and Remote Stun can effectively achieve that and prevent any information leakage. Communication safety and privacy is secured.


Power Hot Standby

When the AC power supply is down, ETX system is automatically powered by a backup DC power unit. This brings more flexibility and stability into the system.


Excellent Adaptability

The system infrastructures are compact and highly integrated. They are easy to transport, deploy and maintain. Our field-proven ETX system can handle all kinds of tough environments and tackle a wide variety of communication scenarios.


GPS/BEIDOU Positioning

The built-in GPS/BEIDOU positioning technologies tracks the real-time position information of each system terminal and automatically reports it to the center, making it convenient for command and dispatch work.


Networking Mode: Municipal Emergency Response Network

The district/county level trunking systems, after completion, can be linked up to the municipal network, to achieve connection between the municipal center and districts. And the municipal network is linked up to the provincial network. This three-level interconnection is a highly efficient trunked system that can achieve cross-department& cross-regional cooperation in an emergency response scenario.

ETX Trunk Networking Mode

System Topology

System Topology of BelFone ETX Trunking System


System Base Station BF-TD9500

The integrated blade module design of BF-9500 brings more stability, scalability and versatility. BF-9500 can independently handle calls within the site and it also supports multi-level fallback mode. Also with the unit redundancy design, all the main hardware has backup units. This base station comes in two sizes, 4-carrier 22U and 8-carrier 37U. The cabinet design is strictly based on ETSI EN 300 113/ETSI TS 102 361/ETSI TS 102 362 standards.

Trunking Base Station

System Terminal BF-TD950

DMR Tier3 Trunking BS Specifications
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