BelFone Entry-level Digital Portable BF-TD520

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BF-TD520 is an entry level DMR handheld two-way radio and a perfect analog replacement for small businesses. This portable delivers a basic digital feature kit which includes superb audio, long battery life, and higher spectrum efficiency, enabling the user to experience digital communications and a smooth transition from analog to digital. This is a most cost-effective two-way radio for restaurants, hotels, shops other indoor users.


Digital/Analog Dual Modes

BF-TD520 gives you a smooth transition from the analog world to the digital.


A Longer Battery Life

BF-TD520 can function for longer than any conventional analog radios, more than enough to power you through the day.


Excellent Audio Quality

As a digital radio, BF-TD520 delivers a clear and crisp audio, bringing an excellent digital audio experience.

Private Call, Group Call And All Call (programmable)

The versatile calling functions bring more efficiency to your teamwork.


Scan/ Monitor (programmable)

At a convenient push of a button you can monitor all the conversations on your channel or you can scan conversations on different channels.


Digital/Analog Mixed Mode

Receive both analog and digital signals on a single channel and can automatically switch into the corresponding mode for efficient communications.


Compatible with Motorola Audio Accessories

BF-TD520 is compatible with Motorola audio accessories. So, if you already have a Motorola analog earpiece or microphone, you can pair them with BelFone BF-TD520 and go hands-free.


Standard Accessories

Stubby Antenna Battery Charger Belt Clip Hand Strap

Optional Accessories

Programming Cable Long Antenna Earpiece Remote Speaker

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