BelFone DMR Tier III Trunking Radio

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    DMR Tier III
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Full Duplex Calls

BF-TD950 incorporates the ground-breaking full duplex calling technology to allow both parties to talk at the same time, which greatly facilitates the exchange of crucial information and increases communication efficiency.


GPS Positioning

With better accuracy and precision, the built-in GPS enables the commander to locate and track his team member. This contributes a lot to personnel management and dispatching.


IP68 Protection

Our tough IP68 radio BF-TD950 is designed to brave the challenges of harsh environments. So, environmental factors are one less thing to worry about.


Superior Audio Quality

BF-TD950 incorporates advanced audio processing technology to effectively suppress background noise and enhance audio quality, delivering a most loud and clear audio.


A Long Battery Life

With a battery capacity of 3400mAh, BF-TD950 can easily power you through your longest working day. BF-TD950 can work straight for 17 hours in trunking mode.


Automatic Roaming

BF-TD950 automatically roams among all sites in the network and always stays connected. This delivers more efficiency and flexibility to your radio communications.


DMR Tier III Trunking Mode

BF-TD950 is compatible with BelFone BTX/ETXTrunking System. When working in DMR Tier 3 Trunking mode, BF-TD950 can access a pool of radio channels which are dynamically allocated to users when required. This is more frequency efficient.


Radio Priority-Based Interruption

A radio with higher priority can interrupt communications between radios with lower priorities, either to transmit or just to clear a channel. This greatly facilitates commanding and dispatching.

BF-TD950 Product Layout

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