BelFone cost-effective dual modes DMR repeater BF-RT7500

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Cost-effective dual modes DMR repeater

The BF-RT7500 is a cost-effective DMR repeater with great performance. It covers both VHF and UHF bands and has 99 channels, allowing efficient radio network control in different scenarios.


DMR TDMA 2 Timeslots

It supports group call, private call and emergency call on one slot, and allocates the other slot to provide versatile date services, such as Text Message, Location Positioning and Tracking, and can make dispatching and remote controlling at the same frequency. All these on a 12.5KHz channel spacing. Frequency efficiency is greatly improved.


Digital/analog Dual Modes

BF-RT7500 can operate on both digital and analog modes, automatically switching between the two modes depending on the received signal, allowing efficient frequency sharing between analog and digital users during the digital migration.


IP Connectivity

Allows devices to be deployed anywhere within the network. And network can be easily extended, either from single site or IP multi sites for a bigger coverage, which facilitates the adding and removal of network nodes.


Good Heat Dispersion

Quick heat dissipation enables the repeater to work normally even at full power.


50W Maximum Repeating Power

BF-RT7500 supports a maximum repeating power of 50W. The system coverage is effectively extended with lesser setup equipment.

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