BelFone BTX Trunk DMR Tier III Trunking System

BelFone BTX Trunk DMR Tier III Trunking System
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    BTX Trunking System
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    DMR Tier III Trunk
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BelFone BTX Trunk DMR Tier III Trunking System

BTX Trunk is a trunking system designed for large networks ranging from hundreds to thousands of users. Based on DMR Tier III standard and technology, BTX system delivers exceptional performance and reliability, centralized network management and information security, improved personnel safety and business efficiency, greater flexibility and scalability to meet the user’s future needs.

BTX Trunking System Highlight

System Features

Large Coverage

Nonlinear amplifier combined with large coverage technologies makes it possible to achieve the same coverage area with fewer base stations, resulting in a much simpler network structure and a much lower networking cost which reliability and security are enhanced. This greatly facilitates both operation and maintenance.

BTX Trunking provides a larger coverage!

Integrated Network Design

BelFone BTX Trunk is designed to provide a basic trunking network with minimum facilities. It is meant to be simple and easy to use. The integrated base station works as a single site trunking with expandability to establish multisite network by IP connection to core network. The MSO is a highly integrated software which provides switch between and interconnectivity with PSTN networks.

BTX Trunking Network Design

Integrated Modular Base Station Design

BelFone BTX Trunk base station adopts a highly integrated and modularized design to enhance reliability. The 19 inch rack structure and mature ATCA frame make it the most robust and reliable single trunking base station.

Modular Design of BTX System

Superior Reliability

With multilevel redundancy and fallback, BTX system delivers great reliability. The redundancy backup mechanism is employed to retain the integrity of some key devices, for example, base station controller redundancy and main control channel backup, as well as link backup for the network elements.

Backup&Redundancy of BTX Trunking



BTX Topology



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