BelFone Advanced Analog Two-way Radio BF-835

BelFone Advanced Analog Two-way Radio BF-835
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BF-835 is packed with a comprehensive analog feature set and BelFone innovation. The 8W high transmitting power greatly extends your talk range, while the built-in scrambler effectively guarantees the security and privacy of your communications. BF-835 is ergonomic and robust, and it is a most cost-effective analog two-way radio.

High Transmitting Power

With high transmitting power and high receiving sensitivity BF-835 can effortlessly enlarges your communication area. Moreover, BF-835 comes with switchable power modes (high/middle/low) to meet your different communication scenarios and prevent unnecessary power consumption.

Great Interference-resistance

The excellent anti-interference ability enables you to enjoy stable and uninterrupted communications.

Emergency Alert Button

BF-835 comes with a delicate orange emergency button. Just press this button and an emergency alert will instantly go off. Your safety is our utmost concern.

Superior Audio

BF-835 delivers a loud and clear audio experience. It is as if you are talking with the other person face to face.

Long Standby Time

The 2000mAh battery capacity gives BF-835 a standby time as long as 80 hours, meeting the communication needs of a long workday.

Multiple Charging Modes

BF-835 supports car charging, PC charging and USB charging. You can choose the most convenient way to charge your two-way radio.

BF-835 Technical Specifications

Standard Accessories

BelFone Radio Antenna
Battery for two-way radios
Two-way radio charger
Belt Clip for walkie talkies
A hand strap for radios
Antenna Battery Charger Belt Clip Hand Strap

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