A Convergent Handheld to Combine the Advantages of PMR and LTE


We are all familiar with the amazing and unmatched features LTE brings into radio communications, but while we use it and benefit from it on a daily basis, what do mission-critical workers think about LTE? Can LTE meet the unique demands of critical communications? The answer is probably not.

With all its advantages, it is mainly commercial public LTE. And as mission-critical workers often have to operate on sites struck by natural disasters where public networks are damaged, a LTE radio does not seem like that great a choice. However, a convergent two-way radio that combines the advantages of both PMR and LTE is surely to win everyone over.

BelFone BF-SCP970 Multi-mode Radio Designed for First Responders

BelFone BF-SCP970 multi-mode radio works in MPT1327 trunking mode, DMR conventional mode, DMR trunking mode, PoC and private LTE mode, bringing all the advantages of both narrow and broad band technologies together. With its LTE data capacity, the multi-mode radio enables task forces such as traffic police or highway patrol to access all the systems and databases in the cloud and get whatever information they need to fulfill their jobs.

BF-SCP970 has as many radio modes to fit into as many communication scenarios. Sometimes, adaptability is all that matters. Our adaptive BF-SCP970 is designed to deliver more safety as well as convenience to the user.

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