4G PoC Two-way Radio BF-CM626

Two-way Radio BF-CM626
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4G PoC Two-way Radio BF-CM626

Communications without Barriers

BF-CM626 fits a wide variety of networks. The user is no longer limited to a specific mobile operator, which delivers more flexibility and convenience.


Fast Communications with 4G Networks

4G networks give BF-CM626 a higher data transfer rate and reduced latency, and thus enable the user to communicate with unprecedented speed and efficiency.


Built-in Bluetooth

With a paired Bluetooth accessory the user can enjoy wireless PTT half&full duplex communications for hands-free operations.

High Resolution LCD Display

This 1.77 inch color LCD display shows with great clarity the main information of your radio status, such as battery indication, signal quality, time, groups and so on. The user can read the screen with ease and comfort.


A Long Battery Life

The powerful Li-ion 5200mAh battery gives BF-CM626 a long-lasting standby time.


Multiple Charging Modes

BF-CM626 supports multiple charging modes through USB, desktop charger and car charger. There are plenty of ways to go.

Dispatch Application

BelFone PoC radios come with an optional dispatch application that allows managers to track every worker’s location in real-time and can easily monitor and dispatch.

Talker Priority

A radio with higher level can interrupt communications between radios with lower levels, giving higher priority to senior workers.

BF-CM626 Technical Specifications
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