The best analog repeater BF-2000

Best analog repeater BF-2000: high quality BF-2000 is housed in a tough metal case,can function both as a base station and as a repeater
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The Best Analog Repeater BF-2000

Our rugged, industrial quality BF-2000 is housed in a tough metal case. BF-2000 can function both as a base station and as a repeater. It operates on frequencies ranging from VHF: 136-174MHz to UHF: 350-390/400-470MHz, delivering a wider coverage than ever.

High/Low Power Programmable

The user can program the repeating power of each channel according to the specific communication needs, which is very flexible and can save unnecessary power consumption.


The user can preset the receiving and transmitting CTCSS/CDCSS for each channel. This brings more safety and privacy to the user’s radio communications.

PC Programming

The user can program the device via the programming cable on a computer.


This can effectively prevent a channel from being unnecessarily occupied for too long.


Multi Modes

BF-2000 can function as a base station or a repeater depending on how you want to use it.

Technical Specifications for BF-2000

Standard Accessories

Power Cord Fuse

Optional Accessories

Programming Cable Remote Speaker

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