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Certificate handheld digital two way radios BF-TD500 DMR Hight Power Repeater/Base Station for VHF/UHF BF-RT7500

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  • Transportation2015-09-23 10:51:40

    Reliable and secure communication is essential for the quick, efficient and safe daily transportation. Emergency could happen at every moment in all conditions Time is life in emergency situation. The vehicles must be monitored and traced especially only by driver himself. Driving at night with eyestrain make high light LED be necessary for driver operation. Accompany with moving car in noisy road, Stable, clear, wide signal coverage and clear, christal audio must be guaranteed. Belfone digital portable radio customized for Reliable, secure communication.
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  • Public safety2015-07-24 15:06:41

    As public security would face unpredictable accident every day, emergency alarm and location trace is most important features. The unique features can maximize nearby resource, get timely and helpful react to the emergency situation from the immediate staff coordination. In this way, the cross-team coordination, clear and uninterrupted communication, accurate and consistent real-time data, and real-time information sharing can be realized, which are critical to the public security. Data messages replace spoken instructions to broadcast announcements to reduce the potential error  Supersensitive GPS enables accurate vehicle location - crucial for efficient management of incidents and service disruptions  Rugged design and crystal-clear audio ensure accurate communication even in noisy environment. Upgradable and expandable features are important and cost-efficient when fleet expanded. Easy to control the radio at one glance even at night or low-light condition with the high light LED Belfone DMR series gather all these significant functions and specially designed for public safety.
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  • Construction2015-07-24 15:09:31

    As it is dusty, noisy and rough at the construction site, and it requires real-time coordination among multiple groups, minimizing impact on communications and site development must be take into account in construction communication. Radio must be featured with dustproof function to resist dusty construction environment. Rough design to protect from dropping impact when falling from the highs. With fleet growing and area expanding, the communication system must be upgradable and expandable. For take good control of workers in case of gossip or shirking, radios must can be monitored and traced. BF-P10X DPMR series and BF-P50X DPMR series are cost efficient, which are almost at the same price as analog products. The rough design with clear loud audio maks them be the best choice for construction communication.
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  • Hotel2015-07-24 15:10:03

    The instant efficient communication among employees and timely reply to customers’ requirement are important to business communication.  Frequent internal communications and long holding work time require the radio must be lightweight, easy to control, long battery standby time and rough PTT button. Withstand 50, 0000 times press test, Belfone 3 watt and 5 watt analog portable radio can absolutely meet your need. And with 2500 capacity battery which can last 12 hours operation time. Palm and lightweight design let it be handled 24 hours without effort.  Everyone could know how to handle upon getting it.
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  • Supermarket2015-10-28 09:32:45

    Various products and huge footfall come in and come out from the supermarkets every day, which require the efficient personnel assignment and timely customer service. In the meanwhile, the communication in warehouse of supermarket is also important. It matters weather you can efficiently manage warehouse or not. Crowded people and noisy environment required loud, clear, christal audio. Complex warehouse environment requires rough radio. Weather shop assistants can well cooperate with warehouse keeper matters weather customer can find what they need timely. Radio coverage must reach to warehouse. Belfone 3 watt and 5 watt portable radio supply clear and loud audio. Plus, its’ dustproof and antimagnetic function make it perfect for supermarket use not matter in storefront or in warehouse.
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