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Certificate handheld digital two way radios BF-TD500 DMR Hight Power Repeater/Base Station for VHF/UHF BF-RT7500

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Outstanding service for your business sucess

Outstanding service is one key fact for success in the market. BelFone is the specialists in your outsourcing of designing and manufacturing for radio communication products. Also Belfone will provede support services so you can trust us to offer you the best radio communications outsourcing options.

OEM/ODM design services

Outsourcing, or taking a managed service, means contracting out a part or all of your radio communications to a specialist supplier who can provide you with a more efficient service at less cost than you can provide in-house. 

You also gain access to a wider range of skills and experience while freeing your own staff to concentrate on core business issues. 

Support services

Online Service Portal

Proactively manage service cases, download software updates, access support documentation and utilize service applications online – anytime.

Software Maintenance

Proactively prevent faults, improve performance and adapt to changing environments by accessing current releases of firmware and software. Full version releases with new features – not just point release bug fixes – are regularly available and fully supported so you get the maximum advantage when you decide to update your communication  products and systems.

Warranty and Repair

Belfone provide industry standard repair service to your products. For channel partner, BelFone encourage local service and will prepare traing and documents for better service to customers.


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