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Certificate handheld digital two way radios BF-TD500 DMR Hight Power Repeater/Base Station for VHF/UHF BF-RT7500

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Design Service
  • OEM/ODM Service

    OEM/ODM is welcome

    As one of the top Chinese designer and manufacturer of radio equipments, we offer the designing service for your ODM/OEM requirements. Based on business principles of ethics, partnership and win-win relationships, BelFone has developed a network of OEM/ODM customers throughout the world. 


    BelFone is continuously enhancing its OEM capabilities on the following fronts:


    ·    Comprehensive technology-based support systems for efficient project supervision;
    ·    Specialized R&D project teams for turnkey projects with minimal turnaround times;
    ·    Enhancing production capabilities through continuous investment on new technologies and advanced equipment to fulfill mass production on short notice.


    Product & Process Quality Assurance

    Product Authentication 

    ·    CE, FCC and UL Certifications
    ·    RoHS compliant
    ·    Types approval of models in numerous countries and regions


    Quality Control System 

    ·    ISO 9001 certified
    ·    ISO 14000 certified

    ·    Global and regional approvals by multiple countries and regions' key players from Europe and OEM/ODM vendors around the world

    Please contact us by for further communication if a OEM/ODM project is needed.


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