Multi-functional Analog Repeater Solution BF-3000

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BF-3000 provides great signal coverage for all kinds of commercial users, meeting a variety of communication needs. The HD LED screen and the cute little white buttons make it easy to operate, which requires the minimum training and produces the maximum outcome.

High/low Power Switchable

The user can choose the repeating power according his specific needs, thus saving unnecessary power consumption.


Support CTCSS/CDCSS to make your communications more discreet and safer.

PC Programming

The user can preset the specifications and features of BF-3000 in a computer via a programming cable.

Base Station and Repeater Dual Modes

BF-3000 can work both as a base station and a repeater, bringing more flexibility into your work.


This function limits the transmitting time of BF-3000 when it is working as a base station, preventing the device from unnecessarily occupying a channel.



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