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Certificate handheld digital two way radios BF-TD500 DMR Hight Power Repeater/Base Station for VHF/UHF BF-RT7500

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Developer & Integrator

What differ BelFone from others is we provide customized products to customers who need tailor-made solution.

As one of the top two-way radio manufacturor in China with a 200+ engineer team in 4  R&D centers (60% of them are software engineers), our main advantage is the continuously R&D developing investment, large manufacture capacity and capable overseas sales force. 

But we deeply understand that to provide the right customized solution, it is important to provide devices together with innovative partners for application developers to deliver end-to-end solutions.

BelFone appreciate partner's experience and professionals to meet customer's requirements and hope to work together to expand your business through development assistance, demand generation, close collaboration with us.

If your company develops commercially available applications and hope to run on our products, please contact us

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