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Certificate handheld digital two way radios BF-TD500 DMR Hight Power Repeater/Base Station for VHF/UHF BF-RT7500

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R&D ability

BelFone invests 10% annual revenue every year to bring advanced equipments and technical talents to well establish the R&D team. There are 3 R&D centers and 1 independent software R&D department all around China. Now BelFone R&D team is with more than 150 experienced engineers in the R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, Quanzhou, and in the software department in Fuzhou. All are carrying out different new technology for radio communication equipment and system.


The R&D team works with external people like our customers, the research institutions and the well-known enterprises on ideas that help to solve their needs. One the other hand, they also work with other departments like marketing to put the ideas into products and solutions. Therefore, the R&D team is able to continuously upgrade the system engineering, hardware, software, structure and appearance design of the products, and enrich the functions, so as to provide the communication products with excellent performance, comprehensive functions and reliable quality.


“Independent R&D, technological innovation” is the core principle of the R&D team. Being one of the pioneering company that mastered dPMR and DMR International digital standard, BelFone took the lead in releasing the first and most complete dPMR digital standard trunked communication system. Having been developed the dPMR, DMR digital trunked communication technology, the company R&D the portable radio, mobile radio, repeaters and other products and solutions from analog to digital, and from commercial use to public security use. By now, BelFone has been obtained over 40 communication patents and 50 patent files. BelFone is one of the few professional communication equipments manufacturer and solution provider with independent R&D technology in China, whose products have been widely used in governmental agencies, public utilities, public security and various commercial field at home and abroad. BelFone takes a very important position in the global radio communication industry. 

Production capability

BelFone built the internationalized manufacturing base with the area of 23,000 square meters in 2011, which allows us to produce and assemble all products in-house, and get every process under control. All the workers receive a thorough training and carry out the work flow according to the standard operating procedure strictly. Many advanced production equipments have been brought in to put R&D into production smartly, which help to ensure the production capability greatly. There are five leading JUKI-SMT production lines with more than 5000 units of daily SMT production. The annual production reaches to two million units.




QC reliability

BelFone regards quality as its life. 98% of materials/components of BelFone's products is up to standard to industrial level. And the comprehensive QC management has been come into force since 2007 to ensure the inspection from raw material to finished products. In compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system and GB/T2828 (AQL) sampling inspection, BelFone set the complete inspection standards of IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC. All the suppliers have been strictly selected. Belfone has been established the long-term cooperation with world leading suppliers like Phillips, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung to ensure the FPY (First Pass Yield) in production and the stability in use.


Belfone owns a professional and well-trained QC team that makes sure every process of the inspection complete successfully. To guarantee the high quality and the quality stability, they take a series of test using various high-end precision quality test machines, such as battery tester, abrasion machine, rotation encoder, potentiometer endurance tester, vibration tester, microphone/speaker tester, high-low temperature chamber, PTT key/touch switch tester, Rockwell apparatus, tension meter, salt fog aging tester and SMT AOI, etc. Every single part of PCB welding, battery, keyboard, vibration, encoder and potentiometer are to be inspected thoroughly to ensure the outstanding performance of each product for different uses under different circumstances.

The portable radio, mobile radio, and other communication products that Belfone produced have been certified with FCC, CE, or manufactured according to the standard of ISO9001:2008. Thanks to the high and stable quality, Belfone has been assigned as the sole communication products by the sponsors of the top sports events at home and abroad for several times. The widely use in various industries help Belfone to gain good reputation in the global market.



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