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Certificate handheld digital two way radios BF-TD500 DMR Hight Power Repeater/Base Station for VHF/UHF BF-RT7500

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Case Study
  • Hotel Case Study


    Located in Zhangzhou city, BANYUESHAN Hot Spring Hotel covered 150000 square meters, combining with hotel, hot spring, food street, SPA and chamber. It can receive 3000 people at the same time. As lack of system for their job allocation, the productivity was low. As staffs cannot get real-time mission monitoring, service was patchy and low standard.

    Customer’s requirement:

    Enable multi departments’ internal communication and external communication without interference from each other. Communication coverage must cover the whole holiday resort. Reach target to pass work without face-to-face meeting, response to customers’ requirement in a split second.

    Belphone’s solution:

    In order to accommodate the channels required for the departments they wanted to cover, Belphone recommended a digital system, which consisted of 3 BF-RF7500 digital repeaters over three sites.

    Belphone also supplied portable radios BF-TD50X for use, programmed these into separate groups like catering department, Logistics Department, Recreation department, Accommodation department and so on, and set different hierarchical levels in departments.


    Featured with versatile calls make communication more flexible and get better cooperation no matter internal department or between departments. GPS and remote monitor let supervisor get real-time task handle. Emergency alarm makes sure your workers safe. Clear and crisp digital audio even at the edge of coverage make every message passed clearly.

  • dPMR IP Solution for Highway

    The 76 kilometers long Qingzhou highway located in Shandong, China, where covers with mountain. As one of the main highway in Shandong, the traffic police should free the traffic jam usually. Plus the highway maintaining cooperation in road maintenance is necessary. So a reliable, fast and effective coordination of all task forces can greatly enhanced work efficiency and reduce emergency. The highway services entrusted Belphone set IP-based digital wireless communication system for them on 2014.

    Customer’s requirement

    1 enable IP connection

    2 enable priority talk when every channel been take

    3 enable 5 groups talking at the same time (leave extra 2 channels for added groups)

    4 communication coverage covered all long highway


    Belphone’s solution

    Belphone minimized cost with DPMR radio and no less on audio quality by digital technology.

    1 Intelligent redundancy functions and robust system design provide discreet communication, which is important in emergency situation.

    2 IP-based networking make future expanded flexibly

    3 Super digital audio quality provides clear audio even in noisy highway

    4 Flexible versatile calls realize efficient cooperation among different departments.

    5 Versatile function plus emergency alarm ensure workers safety.

    6 call log reminds you of the missing important calls.

    Belphone added merits

    As BF-R1000 dPMR repeater support multiple work mode, customers can freely choose work in simplex mode, duplex mode, repeater mode. Authentic admit function exclusive other radio and prevent resource wasted and communication private. Easy to install and high performance in heat dissipation are two more unique features.


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