BF-SFR600--Single Frequency Repeater

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Mobile Radio and Repeater

BF-SFR600 is a DMR mobile terminal with two timeslots which is able to function as a single frequency repeater. It allocates one timeslot to receive a signal and the other to transmit it at the same frequency, using DMO mode to extend radio coverage. It thus saves another frequency to function as a repeater without the need of a duplexer or an extra antenna, making it a cost-effective and suitable choice for commercial users who value coverage.


Power-on Password
This effectively prevents illegitimate users to access your equipment, delivering you more privacy and safety. This also makes it a cost-effective DMR repeater solution.

DMR Mobile/Repeater Dual Modes
BF-SFR600 can be used both as an ordinary mobile terminal and a single frequency repeater, bring more flexibility and efficiency to your business.

High/Low Power Switchable
You can choose between high (30W) and low (10W) power output according to the occasion. This can effectively avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

DMO True 2-Slot
In direct mode this radio supports two voice calls simultaneously due to DMR two timeslots, which means two communication paths on 1 frequency at no extra costs or frequency license.

BF-SFR600 Specifications

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